Have you wasted years of your life feeling worried, frustrated and stuck about how to find the right job or profession for you? (I did that, before I discovered my coaching career!) Or as a business leader or entrepreneur, are you facing some difficult challenges? (Business is very challenging for almost everyone in 2013.) Are you seeking a more fulfilling, meaningful, successful path? (This can be a lifelong quest, with many rewards.)

Your friends and family probably aren’t the best people to support you with your career or business decisions, because they’re not neutral – they care too much, they have their own biases and hidden agendas, and they might not want you to change!

Coaching can help. The experienced coaches at Loving Your Work will help you create the results you’re looking for by:

  • Providing a safe place where you can talk about anything and everything, knowing that you’ll be completely accepted and supported and that everything you say is strictly confidential
  • Listening respectfully
  • Asking reflective questions that prompt you to think more deeply than you normally do
  • Bringing your attention to your “blind spots”
  • Constructively challenging your assumptions that might be limiting your choices
  • Supporting you as you weigh up the pros and cons of various options and decide on measurable action steps
  • Serving as an objective sounding board for your ideas
  • Helping you see the trees AND the forest
  • Caring about your actions and your results
  • So coaching is not consulting, mentoring or psychotherapy. We won’t give you advice or tell you what to do – instead, we’ll notice what you might not be noticing about your goals, talents and behaviours, and we’ll ask the right questions to help you discover what YOU want to do and how to do it. YOU do the work, and YOU own the results.

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Angela Spaxman
Angela Spaxman
Career and Leadership Coach , Loving Your Work
Angela Spaxman is one of Hong Kong’s leading experts in professional coaching. She is a highly effective and experienced executive coach, career coach, corporate facilitator and trainer. Angela’s leadership experiences, her decades of personal development, her well-grounded confidence and her natural curiosity give her great insight into how to manage, motivate and lead people to be at their best.