This year I realized even more deeply the value each human being brings to themselves and everyone around them when they follow their truest desires. What we authentically choose to do and be is often very different from what the intellect, or the people around us, tell us we should do or be.

All around us, advertising and social media influence us to care about what is not our true value: our looks, our possessions our status, our achievements. Finding your true value requires looking inside, not outside.

Our heart’s desires may look and feel very minor and unimportant in comparison to the blaring world that seeks to bring our attention to what we must buy. But our innate desires are actually much more powerful. Happiness grows from the inside out and is nourished by small interactions:– between humans and between other living beings.

Our heart’s desire is more likely to be humble, full of love, following an impulse beyond our neediness, and leading us to contribute and create in ways that are effortless and joyful. If we ever try to push towards it, it disappears, since it can only be created from joy. The path towards it, while sometimes confusing or confronting is ultimately gentle.

Let’s all move one step closer to that ideal, shall we? The world is waiting for us to bring our best selves forward.

Happy New Year 2019!

Coaching questions:

If I had all the money, love, respect and rest that I needed, what would I do?
In the past year, what experiences brought me the most heartfelt joy?
In the past year, what work or activities engaged me most delightfully?
What do I need in order to be at my best? How can I make sure this need is more fully met in 2019?

Angela Spaxman
Angela Spaxman
Career and Leadership Coach , Loving Your Work
Angela Spaxman is one of Hong Kong’s leading experts in professional coaching. She is a highly effective and experienced executive coach, career coach, corporate facilitator and trainer. Angela’s leadership experiences, her decades of personal development, her well-grounded confidence and her natural curiosity give her great insight into how to manage, motivate and lead people to be at their best.