Key #2: Clarify What’s Wrong And What’s Missing In Your Current Situation


You’ve probably been thinking for a while that you want more from your work. Chances are you’ve been pondering it for weeks or even months. Maybe there are some things happening that really bother you, or it could be just a background feeling of unease.

For many people, when things at work could be better, negative thoughts start to dominate the thinking. And two things happen: the problems can seem to grow and gain importance, and secondly the problems may start to spread to other areas. For example, if you’re disturbed by your relationship with your boss, you might start to feel that it’s worse than it really is, and you may find other relationships in your life start to suffer.

There’s an easy solution to this situation: write it down! When you take the time to list all the things that are bothering you, there are four main benefits:

  1. When you get your thoughts out of your head and onto paper, you will immediately reduce the grip those thoughts have on you. You won’t have to repeat them to yourself any more. They become clearer and more realistic.
  2. You will be much more specific in your thinking so that you don’t tar your whole career with the same brush. Many clients have come to me thinking that they needed to make radical changes, but once we clarified exactly what they didn’t like, an easier path became clear.
  3. You will create a list that you can work with in planning your next steps. A clear list allows you to take specific actions to remove different obstacles.
  4. You will take a concrete step that strengthens your commitment to change. This is a relatively easy step, but very valuable.

So now here is your exercise:

Write down 10 things that you don’t like about your current job situation.

Tomorrow we’ll be checking a very important aspect of your thinking to make sure you’re really going to get what you truly want from your work.


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    Write down 10 things that you don’t like about your current job situation.

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