Key #1: Decide To Get The Most Of Your Career And Life


“You only live once.” Okay, maybe we do live twice, who knows?! But surely you agree that your lifetime is a unique opportunity. And only you can decide what you are going to make of it.

As humans, we have an inborn desire to achieve and improve. As we progress through life, we face many barriers. Just like going through an obstacle course, the faster you move, the more barriers you will find; the more new challenges you will have to overcome. And each time you encounter an obstacle, you have a choice to ignore it and stay where you are, or face it and learn what it takes to get past it.

By signing up or this e-course, you are already demonstrating your willingness to face the obstacles that are preventing you from moving ahead in your career to truly satisfying work.

Obviously you are not content to accept your current job situation over the long run. That could be because your current situation is intolerable, or simply because you want to achieve even more. Either way I commend you. It takes courage to keep progressing, although sometimes it may feel like you have no choice. Your courage and your desire are the drives that improve the world, one step at a time. And I want to encourage you to make the choice firmly and consciously to get the most out of your career and your life. Set your sights high.

With each new barrier you may wonder, is it worth it? Can I do it? Is it possible to change this situation?

And with each obstacle you face, you have a chance to go further towards your ultimate satisfaction.  Difficulties are the opportunities you need to help you grow.

And I want you to know that somehow, some way, somewhere it is possible to achieve your dreams.

The saddest thing is people at the end of their lives who regret the things they did not do. By deciding to give it your best shot, you may make mistakes, you may find dead ends or barriers that take years to overcome, but you will not regret your life. And chances are good that you’ll achieve much more than you thought possible.

In order to strengthen your commitment, I have a question for you.

What motivates you to find work that you love? What will you gain by pursuing it?

Tomorrow we’ll start picking some of the low-hanging fruit that will help you get closer to the work you love.


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    What motivates you to find work that you love? What will you gain by pursuing it?

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